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Health Center EVITA

Health Center EVITA is a private medical center based on the family medicine model providing its users with high-quality health care.

Family medicine practice

Family medicine practice represents the academic heart of the organization.

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Model Practice

The health center has entered a project of the Ministry of Health established as reference practice.

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Teaching Clinic

The teaching clinics performs two educational program of health personnel.

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Published 03/13/2013

Any patient in need for psychotherapeutic assistance can now contact Mrs. Barbara Pahljina, Family medicine specialist.  More information on new service can be found in the attached file (Departmens & Services / Other specialized...

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Published 01/22/2013

N O T I C E In January we recorded an increased number of patients who became ill with respiratory infektom, which based on examination and laboratory analysis, was found to be viral. In order to avoid disease transmission in the waiting...

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