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Family medicine practice

Family medicine practice represents the academic heart of the organization.

Model Practice

The health center has entered a project of the Ministry of Health established as reference practice, which represents a new qualitative approach to the patients in family medicine – including graduate nurses in prevention programs and the orderly management of patients with chronic diseases.

Teaching Clinic

The teaching clinics performs two educational program of health personnel:

  • Traineeship for Family medicine physicians
  • Traineeship for Nurses

Traineeship for Family medicine physicians

Two modules take place in the private Health center: a 7-week course for medical faculty student of 6th year. The students observe the family medicine team work and also practice themselves udner the tutor’s supervision.

Traineeship for Nurses

A module of 3 months takes place in healt center . The students get knowledge and skills for specific team work in family practice.


Family Medicine Practice
Cesta 4. maja 17
1380 Cerknica

Physician: prim. Darinka Klančar, Family Medicine specialist
Telephone: (00386 1) 7050-551
E-mail:  darinka.klancar@siol.com